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Back to work looking for clients etc…

Since my mother passed away I haven’t worked much if at all, so now I am actively looking for new clients again. Clients that need books reviewed, articles written and etc. To pay the bills you gotta work and to work you gotta have clients which help you make money.

I will now be adding in a new section to my work day, jewelry making so hopefully I can get that business up and off the ground too. I will be taking orders for special made items as well as just selling what I already have made from my Mother’s stash and what I make. I have posted pictures of some of the jewelry already on Google+ and Facebook and gotten positive reactions for them and so when I start to actually sell them I hope they do sell well. I am hoping that I will start selling within the month and by next month as well. I will also graduate to handmade objects also.

The jewelry I make is handmade some are American Indian style others are just interesting. I can make them in all colors and not just for women either.

Contact me for a quote on my services or for jewelry orders.

One Fateful Night by Wendi Finn is a Great Read!

Kate was a former Olympic gymnastics hopeful until tragedy struck her family, she has now moved to Alabama to repair her life. Moving to Alabama she is hoping that she can escape the torture of the tragedy and concentrate on her gymnastics again, and maybe claim a spot on the Olympic Gymnastics Team.  She finds the transition easier than she expected, and makes friends easily.

She feels that she is being watched during her workout sessions in the school gym that she is working out in, by who she doesn’t know. Troy Trindle the school’s football team captain tries to stay out of her way, but how long can he keep this up? It is too hard to predict just when she is going to come in to practice. It isn’t his fault that he has to sleep in the gym, what will Kate do if she finds out?

One fateful Night by Wendi Finn is an amazing tale of tragedy and romance. I found Kate’s journey from her home town and heartbreak to Alabama and a better life refreshing. It is something that we all want to do when confronted with a tragedy such as this. Kate’s sympathy for Troy, a person she doesn’t know, shows that she can’t stand to see someone hurting or have less than her.

The characters are very well written, and pull you into the book with them, making feel like you are in the room or on the bleachers at the game with them.  The plot was well thought out and flowed very well. I found myself tearing up in certain spots when Kate was very sad, I was sad. Being from Alabama myself I was able to relate to some of the places in the book that the author mentioned, and they made me think of home. I loved reading this book and will be happy to read any other books that Wendi Finn writes.  I will be suggesting it to my friends and readers. I look forward to many more books in this series.

Writing Gigs

I Love writing it’s fun and it’s part of your imagination and the possiblites are endless. I have two small writing jobs right now, both are Web Content Jobs. I am hoping to pick up a full time writing gig soon. I am diligently looking for one. If anyone knows of a person that needs a Virtual Assistant I can do that too and will do that while I am doing my small writing gigs and writing my book.

Looking for writing gigs! I need work and would love to have more writing gigs.  Article writing, Journalism, Virtual Assistant. You need it done virtually I can do it.

Contact me and let me know.

It’s What I Do

I’m a creator it’s what I do, so I feel it is time to change up the website a bit and make it more towards that side of me. I already have a section for my writing, so I feel it is time to add in a section for any graphics work I do. Hopefully some of this will generate a bit more business for me in my writing career as I am trying to get more into it.

It will take me a small amount of time to get this done but once done it will be an easier flow through for clients to see my work and blogs as well. I hope all of you will like the changes that are coming.

Have a great day,