November, 2013

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You are loved and missed Mom!

mom 2001 memorialI last physically saw my mother in June of 2012. I went out to Arizona to see her, because we learned that she had contracted a rare strain of cancer, and the node was resting on her carotid artery. This same strain of cancer took my great-great-grandmother from us many years ago.

Since my visit we only were able to talk through texts and our Google Hangouts had to stop because I couldn’t understand her whispering voice. She was getting weaker but by the middle of this year we learned the cancer was gone and she was starting to recover.

So when my mother passed away in her sleep on October 25th, 2013 it was a surprise to us all. We were caught unprepared and we had no plans in place or funds set aside.

My two younger brothers have had a separate life from my Mother and I, they are acting like they don’t want anything to do with her death, or even care. Which is making it harder on me.

At this point in time the funeral home is preparing to consider the body abandoned as outlined by county law in Arizona. We’re in Florida, This is being done because my brothers are not stepping up, and we don’t have the upfront money to pay for a cremation and claim the remains. Should this happen I won’t be able to claim any of her ashes, and bring her home, this would leave me heartbroken.

The cost of cremation is $2300.00 and we have no money to put towards it. Zero, zilch, nada. We only have till the 3rd of December to raise the money, this is why I am so desperate to raise the money.  So I can bring my mother home, so she can be with family. I miss her, and want her with me.

I plan on placing her ashes with her Grandmother, Mother, Sister, and my cousins at our family plot in Montgomery, Alabama and keeping a portion of them with me so she’s always with me.

If you can help I would be grateful, also spreading the word is helpful too. I want nothing more than to bring her home. This would be all I want for Christmas.

We have a fundraiser going to Help Bring Mom Home this one will allow you to use more than just paypal

My husband Anthony Miller has been promoting a fundraising link on FaceBook and Google+ as well that he set up before this one that most people have been donating too. Here are those post links.

Facebook link  and Google+ link