March, 2012

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Sebastian Cupid

When I first started reading The Arrows I couldn’t put it down. It drew me in and amazed me. Made me wonder if that was how I might have found my true love. If so thank the gods I did. Jessica brings to life these characters so well that you think they are putting on a play right in front of you. They are amazing and full of life. Myth and Reality are molded together perfectly in this intricate story. I can just see Cupid and his brothers now wondering how she knows so much about them. Yet, she brings the characters to life making them jump right off the page. Making the story all the more realistic and wonderful, there are times I laughed and times I sat on the edge of my seat wondering what she was going to do next.

I have read writers that are just starting out in my 6 years of reviewing books and she has got to be one of the best and brightest that I have read. She knows when to give you the funny moments and then when to pull it back from you at a moment’s notice. Martin truly knows how to put a spin on a classic and timely tale that is belongs to her. I will be glad to read any more books that she hands my way.

Christine “Zollyanna” Miller