November, 2011

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LLTS Adventure Club

My husband (Urden) and I (Kiria) went out with some friends from our guild “The Syndicate”  (Tamara, Daes, Mrs Daes and the Mary) on October 1st and he wrote this after we got home, to send to the guild. I loved it as did others so I thought I would pass it on.

“The message from Dragons was a simple one: Investigate reports of spirits, minions and signs of the demon Ozar in the village of Seville.

Kiria, Urden, Tamara, Daes, Mrs. Daes and Mary (the littlest warrior) all gathered at the Hoping Jack Inn. They quickly realized that Don Diego and his wife were missing. A messenger was sent to Don Diego’s tower to check on him while plans for the investigation were being made. He returned with word that Ozar knew a Sampire would be his strongest foe and had called for a spell of suffering to be cast on the Diego home. The mission had gone from one of investigation to one of conquest. There was no time to send to Arx Draconis for back up.

The bar maid indicated that any adventure group making plans would benefit from the inn’s special Double Pumpkin Ale. It was quickly decided there was time for this special ale while weapons were prepared and spells made ready. It was then decided that there was a little more time for this magical, courage inducing ale. With liquid courage in their blood and friendship in their hearts they set out to slay the demon Ozar. Finding the entrance to Ozar’s dungeon wasn’t difficult. Our group of adventurers simply walked in the direction all the villagers were running from.

As the group approached the dungeon the first challenge presented itself. The village chimney sweep had been possessed by a mocking spirit and taunted our heroes. Mary (the littlest warrior) quickly invoked the power of Eddie Izzard causing the spirit to release the chimney sweep and retreat into the dungeon.

At the entrance to the dungeon the Dungeon Keeper materialized and challenged the courage of the adventurers by telling three tales of horror. Only those that could hear all three tales and not run away would be allowed to enter. The tales are too gruesome to repeat here. Needless to say, all were allowed to pass. Although the bones of those that failed this test were disturbing.

Skeletal minions, giant spiders and ghostly illusions all attacked the physical and mental defenses of our heroes but none were successful. Ectoplasm, goo and bones were left to gather dust as the group moved further into the dungeon.

Deeper into the dungeon minor demons appeared to test the courage of the group. Most were using illusion spells to bring forth both happy and horrific memories of the adventurers. Soon the group was divided and fighting on two fronts. Shouts of encouragement and friendship motivated all involved and these demons soon found themselves being dispatched.

Fighting their way past the last of Ozar’s defenses they soon found themselves in his throne room and facing their most dangerous foe yet. As the group entered from the South side of the room the demon Ozar rose from his throne along the North wall. Tamara pointed to the East side of the room were a group of dark priests were chanting over an altar. Urden and Daes dashed to the sorcerers with their weapons drawn and murder in their eyes. Kiria and Mrs. Daes ordered their pets to attack Ozar. Mary (the littlest warrior) ran to the West side of the room and then around the jewel encrusted pillars, stopping only for a moment to admire said jewels, before throwing herself at the demon Ozar with a blood lust never before seen by the group.

The sorcerers were soon sent to the next world allowing Daes and Urden to join the fight. Tamara stood in the entrance to the throne room working on a spell as Ozar laughed and began to throw the pets and adventurers across the room. Inspired by friendship, and doing their best to ignore the pain, the heroes continued their assault as Tamara’s spell grew stronger. Flashes of light began to appear in the room followed by explosions as Tamara’s spell of undoing began to destroy Ozar’s shielding spells. With his defenses down a final push was made and the demon Ozar was returned to the Underworld.

With the demon gone, the spells destroyed and knowing that Don Diego would soon recover it was time to find Ozar’s chest. It wasn’t too difficult as the large chest next to Ozar’s throne was obviously it. The chest was opened and the rewards of an adventure were claimed.

Drops (3rd image below):

Daes – LLTS Keyring: Suitable for holding house and boat keys. Equip: Gain Night Sight.

Kiria – LLTS Bag o’ Awesome: Grants 1 additional bag spot. Equip: +25 Awesome!

Mary – D’s Stein: Designed to hold the strongest ales and lagers. Bueller? Equip: +10 to Party Skill.

Mrs. Daes – Scribe’s Pen: Perfect for writing scrolls or inscriptions. Equip: Become envy of Scribe’s Guild.

Tamara – Scribe’s Pen: Perfect for writing scrolls or inscriptions. Equip: Become envy of Scribe’s Guild.

Urden – Dragon Ninja: Teaches you to summon a Dragon Ninja companion. Equip: Gain whoop ass skills.



Each drop came with a cad containing the descriptive text above.



First image: Entrance to Ozar’s dungeon.


Entrance to Dungeon

Second image: Kiria, Urden, Tamara, Daes, Mrs Daes and the Mary (the littlest warrior)


LLTS Adventure Club

Third image: The loot!


The Loot

Hoping Jack Inn –

Village of Seville –

Ozar’s Dungeon –

Spell of Suffering – The very unpleasant headache Don Diego had on Saturday. We missed you!”

I hope you enjoyed our tale of haunting and fun. Don’t forget to visit your local haunted house this year and get your spook on too.

Christine aka Kiria