Thanks Babe!

It is always good to have someone in your life that can tell when you aren’t you can’t take care of yourself. That has happened to me more than once in my life. I thank my husband for being there when that has happened.

Last night was one of those, I went to take a shower and felt a bit unsteady (faint and really hot) so he offered to take one with me (no this isn’t one of those showers) to make sure I didn’t pass out in the shower and hit my head and make it worse.

During the shower he notice that I started having face tremors and wasn’t responding to questions completely. It was then that he knew that I was fixing to have a seizure. He helped me finish my shower.Now understand part of this I have on authority from him, and part of this is my memory before it my brain completely checked out on me. I was able to step out of the shower and dry my hair partially, he helped me get dressed and told me to get my night meds into me I had problems doing this cause I kept stopping because I didn’t know what I was suppose to be doing.  He got them into me and my “standby pill” that helps me when we think I am going to have a seizure and keeps me from having a “big one”.

I have had 2 of those recently and those have not been fun.  I am so glad that he was there to take care of me. I wish everyone had someone like him to take care of them.

I love you Tony! Thanks for taking care of me when I needed you!


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  3. Christine says:

    Thank you very much, without his support I can’t make it through some of my spells. It is also important to have a good doctor too.

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